Various Songs From Winter

by Wasted Fangs

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Songs released throughout the winter of 2012-2013.


released December 4, 2012

All songs written, performed, produced and recorded by John Eric Hetherington and Nick Holmes Garrison.



all rights reserved


Wasted Fangs Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Pyramid
I used to think that I'd never find the other end
of the touch that drags me down and make me whole again
we drank that poison as long as we shared with friends
until they fell asleep and we lost our safety net
we fell upstream of the flood that brought us in
and the hallway leads us to the quiet fringe
I'm grown up now but I see what I saw then
I found myself in your red-headed confidence

I have this dream that I'm planning my own death
when I see the sun and leave to go to work again
there's got to be more to this than fighting debt
why can't we live as simple as we lived back then
you don't have a husband but you have a lot of shallow friends
and one married man reflecting on his life again
a bump in the road that leads to happiness
like Jesus you came to carry me from my sins

I got love now but I still feel loneliness
like I'm stuck in a room with all the things I never did
you're there too and you're sleeping with all my friends
a reminder of a life I was scared to live

I got love but I still feel the loneliness
Track Name: Faded Jeans
faded jeans and grinning teeth
it wasn't love but it was sweet
I keep my hands right by my side
on down the line we'll get it right
you always said "one for the road"
this is for the misplaced heart
slow to end and quick to start
she flashed a smile and raised her glass
better soak this in, kid, before it's past
you always saved one for the road
and you were such a pretty little thing
with your drugs and your fresh-faced routine
so let's find something to believe
like a map on the wall or a subtle plea
we'll take it down and fold it up
just make sure there's still enough
'cause we always save one for the road
your final thoughts and my last words
the greatest things no one ever heard
like that song you left unsung
into the barrel of a gun
now these bullets we shoot up will come back down
those feelings we shot up now are coming back down to us
faded jeans and grinning teeth
it wasn't love but it was sweet